Let’s Be El Paso Strong

I remember, in the face of tragedy, we became El Paso Strong and El Paso Resilient. Today, as I look around, I fear that we’ve lost our way.

As COVID numbers continue to go up, many of us are now claiming that nothing matters – we need to shop, we need to go out to restaurants, we need to do whatever we feel. I get it, it seems like we are going to be living with COVID-19 for an exceptionally long time.

The other day I had a conversation with a friend who told me that no one, absolutely no one has died from COVID-19 and that everyone is cooking the numbers. I can admit, there are some disparities in what is being reported. Still, at the end of the day, I’ve had family and friends die from COVID-19.

Others have told me that this is a plot by the ‘left’ to bring down President Trump. Still others have said that this is no worse than the flu.

What makes this worse is that both sides refuse to listen to the other. Hell, I was told that everyone’s opinion matters if it lines up with the person you are talking to. Really, a friend of mine, Emma, told me that my opinion was valid as long as she could agree with it.

I think it’s time we back away from all the BS and remember what it means to be El Paso Strong.  I think it’s time we dump all the bullshit and remember what it means to be from the 915.

It’s time to come together. Remember we cannot be defeated when we are united. Fractured the way we are, they are going to walk all over us.

We have become something I don’t always recognize. It’s really time for us to unite and be #ElPasoStrong

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