Man Up and Tackle the Problem?

The other day I was asked why we needed the police. The person I was talking with made the argument that we could replace the El Paso Police Department with ‘community policing,’ whatever that is. I told her community policing would not work.

She was adamant that it would be better than what we have. She told me that everyone in El Paso would ‘man up and tackle the problem, even an active shooter.’ I asked her about the events of August 3rd, 2019 and the shooting near the school on Alameda before that.

‘We, as a collective could have talked the shooter out of shooting anyone,’ Tina said.

All I could reply with was ad soft ‘holy hell.’

What follows are the photos I took after Walmart, and during the hunt for a shooter on Alameda – the latter shot at police officers who had pulled him over, he was not in the school.