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A Major Change!

What follows are featured works of Steven E Zimmerman. The photos come from his work as a photojournalist as well as for his own studio.

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‘Kitty’s Place,’ Tombstone, Arizona.

While on a trip to Phoenix, Arizona, we decided to take a short trip to Tombstone. This is my shot of Kitty’s room. Click here to purchase your copy today!

This is San Elizario Catholic Church in San Elizario, Texas. As you are driving into town, the Cross and bells begin to follow you though the trees.

If you are ever in San Eli, stop by and visit this amazing Church! Click here to purchase your copy of this print!

In Serra Blanca, Texas, as you are driving in from the west, you will see this old Church off to your left. It’s no longer used, but that does not stop the faithful from coming by and praying. If you look just to the right of the door, you will see a candle someone left. 

To purchase your copy of ‘An Old Faith,’ click here.

While driving back to El Paso from Arizona, just at the edge of a roadside parking lot, I found this sunflower waiving at me. I had to capture an image of it as I don’t see sunflowers in the wild all that often. 

The parking lot in question was for the building that houses the THING. It was surrounded by young sunflowers. 

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El Paso Street has played a huge role in my life. While growing up in El Paso, there was so much life along this road. Then, in Juarez, the nightlife was out of this world. 

Today, El Paso is cleaning up downtown. It’s a different world now. 

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Photography is not my only artistic outlet. Using both Photoshop and Procreate, I create digital art. 

Mecca has always fascinated me. It is a place I one day hope to visit. Until then, all I can do is dream of Mecca. 

This is my vision of Mecca while people come for Salat, and some make Umrah. InshaAllah, you will want to add a copy of this print to your collection. 

It is a limited edition and there are only 250 copies of any size, to be had. 

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